7 Nov

I am sad to inform you, the vast amounts of my dear and faithful readers, that I have been having troubles with my computer recently. My little 4-year-old macbook is officially full, which means I have to move all of my crap into my external hard drive. Luckily, being the tech illiterate that I am, this has taken me a long time with not much prosperity. So, until I can fix this little hiccup, I cannot upload any of my recent pictures and therefore am postponing my more recent blog posts because, well, they are just not the same without pictures.

In the meantime, I’ve made a list to describe my interpretation of the tradition of the Spanish siesta.

Things I could do during siesta:
– Homework
– Blog
– Study for upcoming finals
– Practice Spanish
– Budget my current student loans
– Find the stray cats (that are ubiquitous about Sevilla) a home
– Work on my résumé
– Look for future jobs
– Look for an apartment
– Attempt to fix my computer
– Figure out life

Things I do during siesta:
– Catch up on my favorite American t.v. shows
– Sleep

And there you have the menacing trap of the Spanish siesta. I encourage you to try it today!


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