My Favorite Things (State-side Edition)

14 Dec
I have absolutely loved my time here in Spain. Although I am not fluent in Spanish as I had hoped nor am I as “Spanish” as I thought I would be, wearing five-inch stilettos on my moped or dangling a shiny pink flag in front of a bull that wants to dance, after four and a half months of living in Sevilla it has still been an incredible journey. That said, finals have commenced, the Mediterranean diet is seemingly decreasing in variety, I’ve started to catch a cold and Christmas lights are up all over the city. I am officially homesick. These are a just a few things that I’ve realized I have taken advantage of in the past and never truly appreciated.
These are my favorite things, state-side edition.
  • Good coffee
  • Spicy food
  • Clean public bathrooms (equipped with toilet paper, functioning sinks and soap)
  • Snacks
  • Eating at regular hours of the day
  • People who pick up their garbage
  • Cold weather (yes, I know it’s weird.)
  • My pets
  • The ability to watch a television show and understand it
  • Receiving the newspaper
  • Thai food (specifically Thai Tom’s)
  • Hanging out INSIDE a house, not in the streets
  • GOOD wifi
  • Driving
  • A comfortable bed, preferably one that does not leave spring indentations on my back.
  • Food that has been refrigerated, not mysteriously left out overnight
  • Carpet
  • Central heating
  • A good hamburger (I know it sounds super-cliché American but I just don’t care.)
  • A cockroach free house
  • A cell phone that does not require “topping up”
  • Curling up with a movie and hot cocoa

Things I will miss:

  • Spaniards trying to sing English Christmas Songs
  • The Sevilla Rollerblading Club that makes unexpected appearances throughout town
  • Siestas

I will also miss this:

Jardines de Alcazar por la noche

Jardines Alcazar

Favorite statue in Sevilla - A tribute to Ferdinand and Isabella

Tribute to Ferdinand and Isabella

Plaza España

Plaza España

Calle Santa Maria Blanca - Also known as Adorbs street, because it's adorable

Adorbs Street

El Rio Guadalquivivir por la noche



2 Responses to “My Favorite Things (State-side Edition)”

  1. jessie December 14, 2011 at 3:04 am #

    I enjoy that the majority of your list includes food or food related things. Miss you!!

  2. Rachel December 14, 2011 at 4:02 am #

    Good post Linds!

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